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Getting Started

What is Rilo?

Ever wish you could adjust the layout of your Shopify pages without having to go in and change the code? For many Shopify users, that has been a common request, to add blocks of content, pictures, or copy to your…

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Installing Rilo

Rilo’s page on the Shopify App Store and click on the green ‘Get’ button.  You will be redirected to your Store’s Dashboard. Sign up to your Store if prompted. When asked to install Rilo, click on the ‘Install…
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Creating a Page in Rilo

Once you’ve installed the Rilo application through your Shopify console, you’ll be able to get started in creating your first page.

This is what Rilo looks like when you first open it:

You can create, edit and…

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Publishing and Viewing a Page

In order to publish a page, click on the ‘Publish Page’ button on the top right corner.

Make sure to save any blocks you might currently be editing before publishing a page.

To view your published page, click on…

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How do I Access Rilo?

You can access Rilo through your Shopify dashboard easily:

1. Go to the Apps tab.

2. Click on the Rilo app icon.

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