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Creating a Page in Rilo

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Once you’ve installed the Rilo application through your Shopify console, you’ll be able to get started in creating your first page.

This is what Rilo looks like when you first open it:

You can create, edit and access the setting for each page from the Rilo home page. Here you’ll be able to see only created in Rilo directly. You won’t be able to edit the once created in Shopify.

How do I create my first page?

1. Click on  “Create a new Rilo page”

2. Fill out the basic information to create your page:

  • Page title
  • The URL slug you’d like to use for that particular page. Note: you can’t have two pages with the same slug but they can have the same Title.
  • Visibility: You can set the visibility of the page. If it’s set to visible, anyone who visits your site will be able to see it. Otherwise only you or other shop admins will be able to see it when logged into your Shopify account.
  • Click on “Create page”

  • 3. Once you click “Create page”, you’ll be taken to the page editor:

4. When inside the page editor, you’ll be able to start adding content by adding a Content Block. Rilo inherits your theme’s header and footer, thus you won’t be able to edit those from here.

When adding a block you’ll be able to select the design you might want to add to that particular portion of the page.

5. Once you’ve added the block, we allow you to add content to each section easily:

  • Text: You can add text, images and embed content through this option and style as it as you’d like
  • Images: You can upload images or link to them from another site or location.
  • Videos: Easily add Vimeo or Youtube videos to your side. Just add the video URL and RIlo will take care of the rest.
  • Products: You can add products you want to people to shop
  • Contact Forms: You can add contact forms, this will send an automatic email with the data to your official email account in Shopify.

For more information on how to edit pages and content blocks go to the Working with Pages section of the help page.

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